C.da Laghi di Sibari - Centro Commerciale
87070 Sibari (Cs) Italy


+39.0981.79193 - +39.0981.79238





The association Lakes of Sibari, in addition to looking after the interests of associates at all levels, delegates among other groups and organizations some of the services that are of vital importance. They are as follows:
    The interior of the nautical center is quipped with a system of aqueducts, which are used for the bottling and distribution of drinkable water. The association owns this system and hence looks after the technical management, both operative and relative to maintenance.
    The vigilance and security body has a fixed position at the entrance of the Nautical Center, ‘Lakes of Sibari’, and is equipped with an automobile, bicycle, radio, R.T, etc. They are formed by the Sworn Guards whom are employees of the Association and have the duty to protect the prospects of the associates and to guarantee a serene and tranquil trip for all.
    The association provides cyclically, with its own means and through its own employees, via a chain method, the disinfestations of mosquitoes and other insects by intervening both on the larvae and adult insects.
    This type of disinfestation is under the control of the Associations personnel, however is entrusted to the company ISS Hygiene Services S.r.l (ex LIBCO S.r.l) the which provides, approximately every 40 days, treatments against rats, mice and other infestations generally throughout the whole territory.
    The personnel of the Association respond quickly to the possible pressing needs and emergencies that can occur at any moment to associates. In addition, it looks after the cleaning and maintenance of the streets and flowerbeds located within the general area of the condominiums.
    In order to assure the navigation of the delineated territory of ‘Lakes of Sibari’, the Marine Authority has requested that it be acquitted from a series of needs and requirements in taking on the civil and penal responsibilities. For now respecting the categorical imperative of ‘opening the inland waterway instantaneously’, the Association Lakes of Sibari has taken on all the responsibilities both penal and civil concerning the navigation, both along the canal and along the landing cone. Hence all management of marine signals be they of land or sea, which are necessary for correct navigation come under the control of the Association. To assure that the aforementioned organization continues to provide signals, yellow signs are utilized to indicate danger and the possible reduction of water in the canal.
    The offices of the Association are secure points of reference and offer to everyone in addition to the renowned cordiality of staff, assistance and advice at no charge.


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