With reference to that which is indicated in D.lgs 196/2003 in regards to the use, disposal and privacy of ones personal details, we would like to inform you:
1. The personal details that you enter or are otherwise gained by the Association via its activities is subject to conduct, with or without the assistance of electronic meens, with respect to the aforementioned regulation, and for the institutional finality of our Association and in particular for:
2. Completing a service or an operation that has been stipulated
3. The completion of obligations foreseen by legislation or regulations
4. The protection of the rights of the President in judicial office
5. The confirmation of your details, for the Association, Lakes of Sibari
6. The regulation of the conduct in regards to the details, in respect to D.lgs/196/2003 and the President of the Association Lakes of Sibari
7. The details will be preserved within the Sibari legal office for the time indicated by the norms of the legislation
8. The conduct in regards to the details supplied or otherwise gained via our organization can be accessed, by whom this ability is recognized, that is, to access your personal details by the norms of the legislation or by secondary norms
9. At any moment one can request the change or cancellation of their details by writing to: Associazione Laghi di Sibari- Centro Commerciale 87070 Sibari (CS) - Italy or to send an e-mail to info@associazionelaghidisibari.it and attention it (TRATTAMENTO DATI PERSONALI l.675/96)