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Dear friends and darlings friends,
allow us to call you so, today it is a great day for all of us and for the Lakes of Sibari.
We strongly believe in this tool that allows everybody to follow, we would dare to daily say, the life of our association and to intervene whenever every him holds him opportune.
The effectiveness of it depends above all on you from your active share to the life of our Nautical Center.
On our behalf, we will hock there, already from immediately, to involve you in all the problem list that of time in time we will have to face, sure to receive one effective contribution of yours for their overcoming.
Our intention is that to found a permanent forum so that to involve how much in partnership possible in the decisions that we will go to take and in the plannings that we will go to do.
Allow us, now, dear friends, to thank the employees all for the collaboration lent us and the members of the Directive Committee that  have favored us, supported and helped in these five months of presidency; without their appointment we would not have succeeded in taking back a season that the more ones considered lost.
A particular thanks to you, to the so many associates that have encouraged us, spurred, stimulated to go on, despite the so many difficulties, not disdaining to give whenever  own jewel contribution every we have had necessity of it.
Friends, the turn of boa we have effected  the inversion of tendency is already in action therefore, proclamation to the skepticism, to the apathy, to the resignation, to the defeatism; there are no more excuses, let's turn up us the sleeves and let's set us in positive, isolating who doesn't want to intend and offering his/her own availability and  own professionalism to bring our Nautical Center to the ancient shines.
We become all protagonists of a rebirth that it is to our course.
Now the tools we have them.
In the certainty that with the collaboration and the appointment of everybody, already in the next bathing season, we can touch with hand the new course toward the rebirth of our harbor, the occasion there is pleasant to hand to all of you the more kindest regards.

The President
Nunzio Masotina


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