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The Peloponnesian Achaeans in the 8th century a.C founded Sibari, the oldest and most famous Hellenic colony of Magna Grecia. It is located at the center of the Taranto gulf, between the end points of the rivers Krathis and Sybaris (modern day Crati and Coscile), the fonts of which offered a great possibility of berthing.

The city, thanks to the fertility of the plain it was situated on, became the principle hub of the population of the region and one of the greatest centers of the ancient world; it is believed to have had 300 thousand inhabitants.

Quickly around the agricultural activities, commercial ones also developed, which made Sibari the greatest commercial node, between the cities of the east Mediterranean and the western Italic world. It also became an active bridge for traffic between Greece, Ellade Italica and Etruria.

Between the middle of the 7th century and the last ten years of the 6th, Sibari reached the pinnacle of its power and riches.

But of equal step to the flourishing economics and political power was the forfeiture of customs, much to render the famous Sibariti ones for pomp, refinement and lust.

All of this attracted the envy of many cities; especially powerful Crotone that under the influence exercised by Pythagoras was passing through a stage of revival of all civic virtues, those spiritual and moral.

A short time before 510 a.c. the despotism of Tellis took hold in Sibari, the partisans of the defeated aristocratic government took refuge in Crotone, which refused to consign them to the tyrannical leader. There followed a battle on the River Traente (modern day Trionto) that ended in a Crotonian victory, that is, after a siege that lasted a few weeks, which saw Sibari forced to give up.

The city of Sibari that was long searched for by archaeologists was identified with certainty and brought to light in 1970. The excavations brought to attention not only the remnants of ancient Sibari, but also extensive remains of Turi, the Parallenica colony that existed in the same place between 444 – 443 a.c and which then became (194a.c.) the Roman colony of Copia.

In addition to the archaeological area situated on the side of S.S.106Bis, one can also visit the Nautical Center and Lakes of Sibari and hence admire the stupendous lagoon, engineered by man that is home to over 2 thousand embarkations. These factors locate Sibari as one of the greatest poles of tourist attraction of the Mediterranean.

At the entry of the Lakes Nautical Center, rises the National Museum of Sibartide.

A few kilometers away, near the center of Cassano, the Sibari Hot Springs  can be found. This is a renowned structure of hot springs that is noted for its precious thermal and medicinal waters.

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Coordinates via sea are:
39 4512 latitude
And 16 29 83 longitude
Highway A3 Salerno – Reggio Calabria
Exit Sibari – Firmo
SS534 – SS106 – Marina di Sibari
Or Highway A14 exit Taranto
Regular service from Rome, Naples, Bari, Milan, Florence,
Bologna, Siena, Pisa, Perugia, Hanover, Frankfurt, Monaco, Hamburg, direction Sibari with bus company Gran Turismo. S Scheduled to leave daily from Rome, Piazzale Stazione
Tiburtina; Naples, Piazza Garibaldi; Milan, Via Foro
Bonaparte, Santa Maria Novella; Perugia, Piazza Partigiani;
Siena, Piazza Lalizza; Pisa, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele; Bari,
Largo Sorrentino
Train connection Sibari
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Airport Lamezia Terme
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