C.da Laghi di Sibari - Centro Commerciale
87070 Sibari (Cs) Italy


+39.0981.79193 - +39.0981.79238





The Lakes of Sibari Association instigated in October of 1978 for the will allottings and the initial users, is an association without a lucrative drive.
It has its official center in Sibari di Cassano allo Ionio (CS). The territory, which is within the Associations competence comprises of all the terrains and bodies of water, denominated as ‘Lakes of Sibari’ in the Council of Cassano allo Ionio.
The primary aim of the association is the development of tourism within the Nautical Center ‘Lakes of Sibari’. Hence it mediates the promotion and realization of each and every cultural activity, sport and publicity destined to promote tourism and defuse the understanding of Sibari both in Italy and abroad.


Collective Body

Carica Sociale

Masotina Nunzio Directors Committee President
Tamburrino Alessandro Directors Committee Vice President
Cardinale Emanuele Directors Committee Councilperson
Costantino Giuseppe Directors Committee Councilperson
De Marco Antonio Directors Committee Councilperson
Madeo Agostino Directors Committee Councilperson
Pace Vito Directors Committee Councilperson
Riccardi Gaetano Directors Committee Councilperson
Stassi Manlio Directors Committee Councilperson
Vuoto Antonio Directors Committee Councilperson
Giannico Teresa Accounts President
Rosa Antonio Accounts Reviser
Rosa Laura Accounts Reviser




Rango Luigi Administration Employee
Vuozzo Renato Administration Employee
Casella Giuseppe Services and Maintenance Worker
Bloise Giuseppe Services and Maintenance Worker
Paternostro Francesco Services and Maintenance Worker
Bruno Damiano Vigilance / Security Sworn Guards
Falbo Pietro Vigilance / Security Sworn Guards
Foscaldi Salvatore Vigilance / Security Sworn Guards
Maimone Vincenzo Vigilance / Security Sworn Guards
Maletta Quintino Vigilance / Security Sworn Guards
Ponzo Andrea Vigilance / Security Sworn Guards
Tavernise Pasquale Vigilance / Security Sworn Guards


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